Creating scientific communities

Support in building tailored scientific communities

What we do

Providing strategic consultations and guidance sessions for 
  • Scientific programs
  • Grad schools
  • Scientific mentorship programs
  • Scientific schools
  • Peer networks
  • Ph.D. and postdoctoral networks
and many others

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We help you to plan and launch the new community or expand and develop the existing one.Learn more about our services.

The concept

Warenje Team will help you to develop both identity and action landscapes, and carefully merge them. Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to community building creates blooming sustainable communities of scientists and for scientists.

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"Oh, Jam? I love jam! Hey, how come we never have jam at our place?" Joye Tribbiani, Friends

Warenje is a traditional homemade jam. Key ingredients of warenje are berries, fruits or flowers, and sugar. The science and art of cooking warenje is to prepare it slowly enough for the flavor to get extracted from the berries, and for the sugar to diffuse into the fruits. It takes idea, time, and properly selected and assembled ingredients to create something special.

Warenje making involves a step-by-step process of cooking and preserving fruits over a slow heat, allowing the flavors to develop gradually. Similarly, community building is a gradual process that takes time to cultivate meaningful relationships, establish trust, and foster a sense of belonging within a group. Warenje making results in preserves that can be enjoyed and shared over an extended period. Similarly, community building focuses on creating sustainable relationships, developing a strong support system, and nurturing a sense of community that can endure over time.

While warenje making and community building differ in their specific activities, both share the characteristic of being slow and steady processes that require time, patience, incremental progress, and a focus on long-term impact and the value of the journey itself.